Dress for Your Body Shape

Dress for Your Body Shape

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Finding clothing that fits well and looks great doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve put together some information to help you dress confidently for your body shape.


What body shape am I?  

Determining your body shape is the first step to helping you choose key wardrobe staples to have you looking and feeling your best. There are four main body shapes: rectangular, hourglass, pear, and apple. Each one is characterised by a different set of proportions.

Hourglass: You have an hourglass body shape if your hips and bust are about the same size and your waist is at least 9 inches smaller than your hips. You may also have well-defined curves.

 Pear: You have a pear body shape if your hips are at least 5 inches wider than your shoulders and your waist is at least 2 inches smaller than your hips. You may also have a well-defined waist.

Apple: You have an apple body shape if your shoulders and hips are about the same size and your waist is at least 5 inches wider than your hips. You may also carry weight around your midsection

 There are a few other body shapes, but these are the most common. To find out which one you are, measure your hips, waist, and bust. Then, compare your measurements to see which category you fall into.

If you are stuck, We offer a complimentary personal shopping service in our Ashford & Gorey stores. Our expert team of personal shoppers will be on hand to advise on clothes that work best for your body shape.


How to dress for apple body shape 

The apple body shape - is famously donned by red carpet royalty like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Marietta Sangai Sirleaf. 

Women with an apple body shape can create powerful outfits by focusing on creating the illusion of a waist while focusing on some of your key features like your bust to help create a silhouette. 

Some key tips for dressing an  apple body shape could be:

  • Avoid clingy and tight clothing- instead, go for looser, flowing fabrics that will skim over your curves.
  • Empire line or A-line dresses are a great option for apple shapes as they draw attention to the smallest part of your waist.
  • Go for V-neck tops and dresses as they help to elongate the neck and draw attention away from the midsection.
  • Prints and patterns can also be very flattering on an apple body shape- just make sure they are placed in strategic areas! For example, a printed top with a dark bottom will help to create the illusion of a smaller waist.


How to dress for hourglass body shape

The hourglass shape is well known for its curves. Famous hourglass celebrities include the self-proclaimed body icon, Lizzo. 

Women with hourglass curves can enhance their figures by following some of the following tips;

  • Look for clothes that highlight your waist. One of the best ways to flatter your plus-size hourglass shape is to find clothing that highlights your waist. This can be done by choosing items that are cinched at the waist or by selecting tops and bottoms in different colours
  • Avoid baggy clothing. Baggy clothing can make you look larger than you really are. Instead, opt for well-fitting clothing that will flatter your curves. 

Use accessories to your advantage. Accessories can be used to help accentuate your best features. For example, if you want to highlight your waist, you could wear a belt. Or, if you want to draw attention to your legs, you could wear a pair of high heels from our sister store Wardrobe Boutique


How to dress for pear shape body shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, many looks will help to enhance your figure. Here are some top tips for choosing the right clothing if you have a pear-shaped body:

  • Choose tops and dresses that cinch in at the waist to create a more defined shape.

  • Look for pants and jeans with a wider leg opening to balance out your lower half. 
  • Wearing bright colours or prints on your top half and darker colours on the bottom is a key rule.
  • Choose tops with detailing is a great way to enhance your shape. 

We hope that these tips will help you to create outfits that flatter your figure and make you feel confident. Remember, there is no such thing as a “perfect” body shape, so dress for your unique shape and enjoy the process of finding clothing that makes you feel fabulous!

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