Look Good & Feel Better

Look Good & Feel Better

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I’m a firm believer in the idea of look good, feel better.

Do you have a favourite go-to colour? One that you always feel good in and that you know suits you. I bet wearing your favourite colour gives you a lift which mirror's your mood. It has a powerful effect. 

“It still makes me smile when I think back.”

The week COVID-19 hit Ireland, over five months ago, when our little island started to shut down by the hour, we received an order of some knit tops (pink knit pictured above on the left). Like a lot of people, I felt anxious as the uncertain times started to roll in. We felt it fitting to call this top our Happy Knit.
It may seem trivial but I can honestly say that this little top gave me the positive lift I needed. It was at a tipping point where we didn't know how long the stores would be closed or if the online store would take off. We sent out some special gifts of necklaces or scarves with orders over €100 and we were flabbergasted by the overwhelming positive feedback we received from our Wardrobe Plus community.
It still makes me smile when I think back. 

Celebrate The Everyday

So, what can we do right now to get back on track? Celebrate the everyday, wear your bright colours, wear your favourite top, add a scarf or a necklace even if you’re going nowhere. Test it out and see if it affects your mood positively. This works for me; I hope it works for you too.  

My advice for the season ahead? 

Add some pieces to your wardrobe that you absolutely love and make you feel fantastic.  Add some colour.  As we edge closer to Autumn we encourage you to keep plenty of colour in your wardrobe. We buy as much colour as we can all year round as I honestly think it’s so important for our mood.
I wear a lot of black in Autumn/Winter but I’ll always add some colour with accessories or a bright jacket.  Accessories are a whole category on their own, we’ll make them the focus of our next newsletter.Try not to lose the love of colour as we approach Autumn.

Comfort #1

Recently we surveyed our customers to see what your number one priority is when it comes to buying clothes. It was no surprise to find out that comfort is top of the list.  When we feel comfortable in the clothes we wear, we move differently, and we also wear those pieces more often.   As a business, we buy all our collections with comfort, quality, fit and price in mind. 

We’re coming into a new season, so we thought we’d share….

4 tips on how to add some new colours to your existing wardrobe

  1. You can always wear your eye colour.  If you have blue eyes, add some nice blues to your wardrobe. Brown eyed? Add taupe, rust or khaki or any of combination of these colours for a rich look.  
  2. Buy a colour you don’t already own. Be brave, try something new! Add a top, jacket or scarf you like the look of in a colour you don’t already own and your mix-and-match options will expand.  
  3. Buy a new colour in trousers or jeans.  If you have blue eyes, add grey bottoms. If you have brown eyes add rust or taupe.  This will expand your mix-and-match options with the tops you already own.
  4. Add accessories: a necklace, scarf or handbag will change an existing outfit and give it some flair.

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