Capsule Wardrobe by Wardrobe Plus

Capsule Wardrobe by Wardrobe Plus

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Capsule Wardrobe - Would you like to have more to wear with fewer clothes?
As the new year settles in we start to take a look at our wardrobe’s getting ready for the change in the season. With goals to buy less clothes or even become a sustainable shopper our capsule wardrobe collections are here to make it pain free.
Wardrobe Plus are delighted to make this process easy for you with our Capsule Collection perfect for curvy women. Would you like to have more to wear with fewer clothes? We have curated unique capsule wardrobes to give you more for less. We specialise in sizes 16-32 making you feel fabulous.

What is a capsule Wardrobe?
A Capsule is a collection of styles that you can mix and match to create many different outfits.We show you how to put it all together! Find Capsules for your style, occasion, and personality - updated regularly so you can feel confident in finding and loving your style!
How to build a Capsule Wardrobe?
Start with the basics
  • A light and a dark coloured Trouser option to mix & Match
  • A Jacket or Cardigan that will work with your trousers
  • Printed Blouse to wear with each trouser style and the Jacket
  • A Dress that can be worn with your jacket
  • A great top that you can wear day to night
  • Some great accessories that you can mix & Match
Once you have the basics it's easy to create great outfits that work for your lifestyle. 
Shop here for inspiration and style tips  x

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