Wardrobe Refresh

Wardrobe Refresh

January is the perfect time to start a wardrobe refresh. Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe thinking “I have nothing to wear” Looking at a wardrobe full of clothes but having nothing to wear means it’s time to start your wardrobe refresh. 

Follow these four shopping tips that will give your wardrobe a fresh boost. 

Shop Classics 

Prevent creating a last season wardrobe by buying timeless classics such as a white blouse or plain colour tops that will work time and time again with your wardrobe. A staple in your wardrobe such as the Ulla Popken Collarless Shirt or the Mellomi Becky Tunic in White. These pieces can be used to layer under knits and cardigans in the colder months but also giving you the option to wear on its own with a statement necklace for a night out. 

Shop multifunctional

Stop buying once off pieces that will limit the amount of wear. Instead, look at pieces that you can imagine yourself wearing from business to a night out. Some options we would recommend here would be the Fransa Plus Collarless Blazer or the Mellomi Cara Cardigan. Pieces like these can be worn time and time again. Another great staple piece to have in your wardrobe is the Only Carmakoma Biker Jacket. 

Shop a Capsule Collection 

Most of our clothes fall into the 80/20 rule, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and we wear the remaining 80% only 20% of the time.  The trick to having a wardrobe full of clothes which work for you is to have some great foundation pieces and add from there.  Above we have suggested some plain tops and some multifunctional jackets which is a great start. Now to complete your capsule wardrobe we need to think about pants options that will work with all of the above. We would suggest a pair of Mellomi Ruby Leggings in Black and a pair of Only Carmakoma Skinny Jeans in Black. This will give you plenty of mix and match options  

Plus Size Pants

Add a pop of colour

Now we have our basic pieces selected and our wardrobe is now more multifunctional we can start to layer in print and colour. Select 3 to 5 pieces that will work with all of the above and allow you to mix and match your pieces. This will ensure you always have something to wear when you open your wardrobe. We suggest the Ulla Popken Ribbon Print Top in Pink or the Ulla Popken Printed Smock Blouse, Options like these are easy to swap in and out whether it’s heading for a night out with the girls or a business lunch. 

Plus Size Tops

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